Passing away is something many don’t want to think about, but if you are a typical American living in Granite Bay, California or the nearby cities of Roseville, Rocklin, Folsom, or Auburn, it’s likely you have worked hard to earn everything you have. At Katz Business Law, I believe you should be able to keep everything you own and to control where it goes after you’re gone. Because I am an experienced estate planning and trusts attorney, I can provide many services to make sure everything you worked for all of your life goes to the right people after you’re gone.

I'll set up legal instruments, including wills and trusts, and family limited partnerships, as part of a comprehensive estate plan. I can create a number of legal strategies that are California and U.S. legal and let you choose the one that fits you best. I will make sure that your assets are distributed to the people you choose and that it is done in a timely manner.

Without the help of a highly skilled estates and trusts attorney, your family may be pushed into the one-size-fits-all model that is usually the result of having to follow state probate laws. Since every person and every family is different, I will make sure that you have an estate plan that is as individual as you are.

A Custom Approach to Estate Planning in Granite Bay

While the goal of any estate plan is usually the same, I don’t believe the path to that goal is the same for everyone. Our goal is to avoid the long, expensive, and difficult probate process and to create legal alternatives to make sure that your estate passes to your loved ones. I have many strategies available for you to use, or at least consider.

I can create a will for you, or I can create one or more trusts and family limited partnerships to protect your assets now and after you’re gone. I can set up advanced directives that doctors will have to follow if or when you become chronically ill or otherwise incapacitated later in life.



Keep Your California Business Growing

As an estates and trusts lawyer, my purpose is to make sure your wishes are met at the end of your life and to make sure that you continue to care for your loved ones forever. The same is true for your business.

Since my firm also practices business law, I can combine the two and offer advice and counsel regarding your business and set up a business succession plan that stays true to your plans for the business after you are gone. I look at my job as creating an estate plan that serves as a veritable roadmap for your family and business.

I know there is a lot to do to protect your assets when you pass away. If your property is controlled by your will, then your will is filed with the probate court and then appraisals are made of your property. Then your estate will pay all legal debts before your assets are distributed to your heirs. If, on the other hand, your property is controlled by your trust, or your family limited partnership, then the whole probate process with its expenses and delay can usually be avoided.

By having me set up an excellent personalized estate plan for you, including a comprehensive business succession plan, everything will go much more smoothly for your loved ones, which means they will be more likely to see a smoother transition to life without you.

I’ll Do the Hard Work For You

Since setting up an estate plan and keeping it up to date will make a huge difference for your family in the long run, choose our firm to make sure everything is done right. I can handle everything for you to make sure your wishes are met, even after you’re no longer around to guide them.

No matter your age or the size of your estate, it is very important that you plan out how will you distribute your assets as soon as possible before it’s too late. According to a study reported by AARP Magazine, nearly 60% of adults in the United States have not met with an estate planning attorney to safeguard their assets. Break from the status quo and contact me today to get started on preparing for your future.

As a highly skilled estate planning attorney, I can make sure your heirs get the peace of mind that comes with never having to deal with probate. I will invest the care and attention to detail needed to make sure your intentions for your assets and wishes are kept, down to the very last detail.

Schedule a free case evaluation with me today to get started on the rest of your life.


At Katz Business Law, I have the skills to ensure that you continue to exercise control over your assets after you pass away. You will want to care for your family at a time when they will likely be emotionally devastated by your passing. You won’t want to hand them the stress of having to go through probate. Additionally, if you have a small business near Granite Bay, I can make sure it doesn’t end up in the hands of strangers. Reach out today to get started on your estate plan.